For a decade I have advocated for our community and helped craft policies to help all Nevadans. As the next assemblywoman, I will continue to work for District 16.


We need to improve our educational system to prepare our children for college and for the jobs of tomorrow. We must also give teachers the proper resources to be successful. We can do this by reducing class sizes, giving teachers a raise, making college affordable and much more.


By introducing reforms to our criminal justice system, we can make sure all Nevadans have an even playing field. I will work with other legislators to invest in mental health programs to reduce recidivism rates, reform bail, decriminalize traffic tickets and much more.


The only people who should have any say over women's bodies, let alone their health, should be women. I will expand women's access to health care, protect a women's right to choose, increase access to sanitary products for low-income female students and much more.


While the stock market is booming, every day Nevadans continue to struggle. In the legislature, I will advocate for an increase in affordable housing units, investments in job training, the creation of high paying jobs and much more.


Our public lands have generated millions in revenue; let's keep protections in place while being mindful of growth and expansion. I will work to increase renewable energy standards, invest in new eco-friendly technologies, protect our public lands and much more.

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